Horse & pony livery is offered to adults, depending on availability & the horse or pony can be schooled in a specific discipline. Local talented riders are sourced and all the work is overseen by Jaynie.  Our qualified and experienced staff will carryout their equine duties to a high standard and 24 hour supervision will be provided

Source-a-Horse livery 01
Full livery

Stabled - to include 3 days riding / schooling, field turnout, grooming, feeding etc 

Full livery reduced

Stabled, field turnout and feeding, but rider exercises and grooms their own horse

Grass livery

Field turnout -  to include grooming, feeding etc.

Both full and grass livery can be priced to include a weekly riding lesson.

Source-a-Horse training 02

Riding tuition and training are available to Source-a-Horse clients to assist in creating the perfect partnership.

For example: An intensive 3-week training programme could benefit an inexperienced horse.

Our young stock are being produced and will be offered for sale at certain times.